Overview of Smoking and Population

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Benefits of Quitting

After 20 minutes

Your blood pressure and pulse rate will have returned to normal

After 8 hours

The nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in your blood will have reduced by more than half and your oxygen levels will be normal

After 48 hours

Nicotine will be gone from your body

After 72 hours

You’ll notice your breathing is easier and you have more energy

After 3-9 months

Any breathing problems you had will have improved as your lung function will have increased by up to 10%

After 10 years

Your risk of cancer falls to half that of a smoker

After 15 years

Your risk of a heart attack falls to the same levels as someone who has never smoked

Quitting at age 35 adds an average of 10 years to someone’s life expectancy

Increased risk of heart disease diminishes by 50% within first year of stopping

Risk of lung cancer stops increasing when smokers quit

Average smoker saves over £1,500 per year if they quit

Ex-smokers report being healthier, happier and having greater life satisfaction than smokers

It can be motivating for smokers to have information on the benefits of stopping, and it is important to communicate to smokers that quitting is the best thing they can do for their current and future health

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