Equipment to Support Smoking Cessation

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Equipment Needed

The audio clip depicts an example interaction between an advisor and client getting a CO reading

ADVISOR: Now Jack, what I am going to ask you to do in a minute is to take a big deep breath and hold it for around 15 seconds.

ADVISOR: What I’m going to do is count you down, and in the last 10 seconds, I will hand this machine to you- it is a carbon monoxide monitor. The monitor will beep for the last 3 seconds, and then i’ll say exhale.


ADVISOR: You’re going to make a nice tight seal around he tube and let all of the air come out of your lungs. Hopefully we will then get a nice reading from you.

CLIENT: Great, thank you.

ADVISOR: Now at this point, I would expect your CO levels to be fairly high as you are still smoking. Below a reading on 10ppm is what we would call a non-smoker. The good news is, when you come back after your quit date, as long as you haven’t smoked at all, I would expect the reading to be exactly the same as a non smoker.

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