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The COM-B Model of Behaviour

The COM-B model identifies three factors that need to be present for any behaviour to occur

It is useful to bare this in mind when working with clients as it can inform the work you do in sessions. For example, do clients need a more educational approach? Do they need to explore local opportunities to support their goals? Do they need support in increasing their desire to change?

When relating this model to smoking cessation, a person’s level of addiction to cigarettes can influence their level of capability, therefore treating the addiction with pharmacotherapy will improve chances of success, along with increasing knowledge around smoking and how a programme can help,.

To have the opportunity to access stop smoking support can also reduce barriers to attend appointments, along with provision that is both telephone and face to face.

Additionally, if an individual expresses an interest in a quit attempt, this is an ideal opportunity to engage and assist while motivation to change behaviour is high.

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