MECC Part 2

Last activity on July 22, 2024

Starting a Conversation

Ways of structuring a conversation which maximises the individual’s freedom to talk and think about change in an atmosphere free of coercion and free of the provision of premature solutions.

Two people having a conversation

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So we are now going to look at what a healthy conversation is. Again if we have an idea as to what stage of change an individual is at, it allows us to have a more effective conversation.

Using the idea of open questions, which allows us to encourage the individual to find their own solutions and reasons for change and in turn allowing for a better chance to be much more successful and sustainable when it comes to a health behaviour change.

Instead of using closed questions, which can result in the patient unable to talk freely, provided solutions and basically be told what to do.  This type of conversation is a closed down conversation which would be unlikely to evoke a change in behaviour, and if it did it is unlikely to be sustainable.

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