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MECC Part 3

Last activity on July 22, 2024

Useful signposting resources

Useful Signposting Resources from MECC LINK

Find these Resources on the MECC LINK website www.mecclink.co.uk/east-of-england/

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In order to support our behaviour change conversations, we need to be aware of other health services in our working area to provide the best support possible and to create as many opportunities as possible for healthy behaviour change.

Here you will find a useful resource called ‘MECC Link’. You will find a list of different health topics of conversations and on each link you will be provided with some support in how to ‘Ask, Assist and Act’ according to that particular health topic.

Amongst this, you will also find local signposting resources to different services again relating to that topic of conversation.

Links to this resource will be sent following completion of this digital training.

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